Pollie Awards

YES on 4&6 “Carson”
NO on 2 “Rita”
Matt Blunt “Who is It?”
John Kline “Nuclear Football”
Swift Boat Veterans for Truth “Ravaged”
McCain for President “Ready to Lead”
McCain for President video “America’s Devoted Son”
Dole for President “Better Man”
RNC “Make a Change”
RNC “Let’s Be Clear”
George Voinovich “Bearing Fruit”
Mitt Romney “Legends”
Mitch McConnell “Thanks a Million”
Mitch McConnell “He’s Back”
Mitch McConnell “History”
NRCC “Martha Bus”
NRSC “Critical Choices”
CasinosNO! “More Crime”

Addy Awards (Local Markets)

Champion International “Up to Us”
McCain for President “Message to America”

WORLDFEST Houston Film Festival

NRSC “Maps”
Champion International “We Live Here Too”
Champion International “The Way We See It”
Maine Pulp & Paper “Public Access”
Maine Pulp & Paper “Proud”
Maine Pulp & Paper “Great Progress”
YES on 4&6 “Dyer”

Other Recognition

PR Week’s – Political Campaign of The Year
Hotline’s “Winner of all winners among consultants.”
Reed Award – Best Consultant Collaboration

Telly Awards

Bob Corker “When Was the Last Time”
Bob Corker “Album”
Mike DeWine “39 Years”
Gus Bilirakis “Our Dad”
Bill Frist "They've Served Him Well"
Ray Meier “Donuts”
Jackie Walorski "One of Us"
Martha Rainville “Join Me”
RGA (MT) "Failed"
RGA (MD) “Character”
RGA (MD) “Can’t Afford”
Mike Oxley “Results”
John Kline “Nuclear Football”
John Kline "River"
John Kline "Metrodome"
John McCain for Senate “One Man Crusade”
McCain for President “Ready to Lead”
Don Nickles “Roots”
Todd Lamb "Meet Our Dad"
NRSC Majority Dinner video 1998
RNC “Let’s Be Clear”
RNC “Quick”
RNC “Quiz”
RNC “Make a Change”
John Rowland “Vote”
John Stephen "Pen"
Kevin Raye "Kitchen Table"
Les Otten "Scotty"
RNC video “Promises Made/Promises Kept”
George Allen “Aloha”
George Allen “Big Difference”
George Allen “Leadership & Values”
George Voinovich video “Working Harder, Working Smarter”
Bill Gormley for NJ State Senate “Senator for the Future”
Roy Blunt “Different Kind”
Gordon Smith video “It Don’t Come Easy”
Mitch McConnell “Thanks a Million”
John Warner “Honor”
Republican Party of Florida "Dancing"
YES on 4&6 “Carson”
St. Stephens & St. Agnes “Best Hearts and Minds”
Maine Pulp & Paper “Proud”
Maine Pulp & Paper “Also Affects You”
Maine Pulp & Paper “More Good News”
Maine Pulp & Paper “How Long”
Maine Pulp & Paper “Families Like Mine”
Craig Miller video "Making A Difference"
Champion International “The Way We See It”
The President’s Dinner video “Stars & Stripes and Eagles Fly”
Corker for Mayor “Future Scientist”
Pat DeWine for City Council “Optimistic”
Jack Danforth “Slide Show”